Thursday, 13 March 2014

MMORPG Multiboxer (World of Warcraft, Runes of Magic, LOTRO) #3

A fresh development update, the launching of the more complex (than WoW) clients is now working and input is going to multiple local clients in Runes of Magic, here's my level 1 mages backing up a new level 1 Knight.  I'd never played Knight in Runes before, so this is going to be interesting, I plan to have one knight, two mages for DPS and then two priests of healing.  To nuke through the content.

The challenge will be when I come to run multiple clients, Runes of Magic seems to take about 1GB (at least while loading) per client.  Lowering the settings on the slave clients is working well however.

I am of course still looking for Donations to help pay to continue this project more actively, I'm specifically looking for WoW sponsors now as I think I need to cough up for 5 accounts, and that's going to go down with the wife like a tonne of bricks.

I will however take a saunter over to LOTRO, just as soon as I've cloned the install to my many virtual machines to multi-head testing and then cloned it to my laptop for network testing.

I'm also adding ipv6 support to the networking!


You can donate directly to this project and help fund development today, any donators will receive goodies, I'm not sure what you'll get yet, but it will be software related!  Or perhaps in game items to help you in your favourite games (e.g. Diamonds in Runes of Magic).

All donators receive a discount on the final product.

Any donator posting £10 or more will receive access to the software to help with the closed Beta test.

Any donator posting £100 or more can join what I'm terming the "premium" club, and have exclusive access to the development process - bug tracking, Alpha & Beta access.

Any donator posting £200 or more can come and have dinner with me and discuss direct requirements they might have for the software, or just shoot the shit about gaming and blogging in general (You have to travel to approximately the UK M1 Junction 25).

Todays video is some more, freshly taken, video of WoW.  The reason we have video of WoW and not the Rom Session above is that Rom takes so much ram it crawled - the development VM is only 32bit, so only has access to 3.5gb of ram... Wow runs much better, seems to be much more optimised.  And of course you can run WoW in DirectX9 mode to save yet more resources.

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