Wednesday, 1 July 2015

World of Warships

How absolutely symbolic of the shambolic lack of clarity from WarGaming... World of Warships is released to the public... You can download and play the game now... 

And it's an excellent game, one I've been waiting for for months... However, they announce this and that as public, then when you check it's not and then finally when you do find the public release it's already gone midnight and one has work in the morning... GOD DAMN IT!

But this game is really good...

I've played just two games and it's really nice, I guess later it will be a huge grind but I took my USS Erie level 1 US Cruiser out for two spins and it's been brilliant... I will have a play about with this first ship before I rush up the tech tree, I'm in no hurry... But so far this is a WarGaming title I think I'm going to really enjoy.

There's my first battle results, a victory, and I sort of knew what I was doing; having watched so much youTube footage from the likes of Jingles.  But I kept my head down, no torpedo's in the game, and I got hits learning the controls.

From this one game I got enough XP to unlock the heavier guns for the ship, they fired slower, so I'm going to go back and experiment with the two types, but with the heavier guns I immediately did more damage and sank two ships... in just my second game... I don't see many YouTubers nailing two ships like that often.

So, yeah, new game for me to enjoy...

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