Thursday, 23 April 2015

Dungeon Crawler - C++/SDL/C# - Map Editor Updates

So, the Map Editor, I made a brief mention of progress on Tuesday's post, but I've refined a few things, and I'm ready to show you some screenshots of how things look...

Here we see a tile set being imported, and placed down, then I've laid a set of dividers, a divider is a none-crossable wall like structure, but it lets us use a single square as a wall, rather than using a blank gap.

So, hopefully you can see that we can enclose spaces without so much blank black squares.

Which then leads to more complex structures:

The next item I'm literally coding now is a door, which will go into places as highlighted in red here...

Supporting single spans, or double spans...

And of course, once all this is designed into the map editor it's going to be ported into the game itself to give us the basics of the Adventure loading & walk through.

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