Saturday, 4 October 2014

WarThunder - Stuka Bad Day

My apologies for the lapse in posts over the last couple of days, however, I've been a. Very Busy and b. Very Ill.  So ill in fact that on Wednesday last, I was vomiting at work - proper up chucking - and the wife had to come get me, and then I spent time pulled over in a lay by vomiting some more with traffic hooting at me... Yes, all you bastards on the A52 near Bardills Island Hooting at the guy vomiting blood into the bushes, that was me, your hoots of hilarity didn't improve my day.

But, before I was down and out I did spend sometime playing about with my recording settings, both with OpenBroadcast, then Bandicam and then nVidia Shadowplay.  The latter producing Blueray quality footage with absolutely no lag - I was mesmerised by it - and so I used it as the source for some footage for a video I'm putting together about flying the BF109 series in WarThunder under Simulator Battle full aerodynamics, so expect that as soon as my new mic arrives from the folks at Amazon, because the narration I had recorded was terrible on my headset.

Other things which made me laugh in WarThunder was this... Notice the German AI plane in the foreground, it is locked on to and chasing a player landed at the Russian base, whilst the Russian AI you can also see there are locked onto a German player attempting to kill said Russian... The AI however, are simply flying formation with one another in the race to blindly follow whoever has aggro on them... This is Simulator level play... Hmmm... 

This is also a reported bug, which reading the reply from Gaijin they're not saying much about, check out the Moderated bug report forums for the thread - I can't find the link at the time of writing.

Another annoyance was I decided to stop playing BF109's and grind some skins, the first being the Skins for the Stuka B2 model, there are a LOT of skins (6 I think) for this little rank 1, level 1 plane which gets ignored...

When you're winning a 17 ground streak plus one human Air Kill streak in Realistic in the B2 STuka, you do not want to then see this:

I can tell you now there was nothing wrong with MY network, I was connected, able to open other websites and had up and download speeds reported of over 6mbps... Yet, the server decided I had a problem and kicked me.

At this point I was something like 21 ground kills and 2 air kills, I had landed and returned to the battle three times.

This was utterly frustrating... But you know what was worse?

In the next battle over Malta, I was 12 ground kills up and in the middle of a turning fight (which I win easily with my air brakes) against a Nimrod Mk 2... And suddenly this happened again, and gave the nimrod a kill for me slamming into the ground out of my control!

To then rub shit into the open wounds created by this the game then chides me for "Leaving the Battle Early"... I never, you kicked me!

This server instability was reported by Jingles, but I'd not seen it, until now... This was a weekend day, and there were a lot of players on, but... still...

These two shots also show a problem I had over the weekend of the 27th October, the massive number of American playing players in the queues, world wide... It was very interesting to play German, as one either got a swarm of B25's flying formation which one was totally unable to tackle without bursting into flame... Of we got people flying P38's, P40's or P26's who simply didn't know how to fly...

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