Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Heroes and Generals - G43 Game Play

Heroes and Generals has featured in my evening game play time this week, and I'm happy to finally find another commentor finding the G43 underpowered as I do...

His comments about the gun taking 3 hits to kill is so true, and probably the most annoying thing.

I think I'm even more annoyed because this balancing act has already been done in Day of Defeat for me... So I'm used to the K(or G)43 taking 2 hits max... The Garand taking 2 hits... The K98 one, the MP4 3-5 hits then each weapon matched up with its alternate in the allied tree, and my brain appears to be wired for this, so seeing 4 hits from a G43 strike and the target start to jump and rotate annoys the shit out of me.

Though I'm still to accrue enough credits to fully upgrade the gun.

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