Friday, 15 August 2014

DayZ on PS4

Are they taking the fucking piss?... Really?... Seriously?.... I bought DayZ pre-release access on Steam over a year ago, and it is still full of bugs full of problems and is basically (last I heard) being re-written from beginning to end...

And to be honest, with all this, I feel like I've been ripped off, the game is essentially unplayable... You can hear Frankie making this point here:

As Frankie points out, they've now announced it for PS4... How about you lax fucks release the game?

I'm very tempted to check my consumer rights and ask for a refund, because there's pre-release access as one thing, there's alpha game play, and accepting that game play... BUT... BUT then there's just being a conman, being a snake oil sales man...

I've personally had enough of Dean Hall and the pontificating morass around DayZ, but no release!

And it seems I'm not alone in my thoughts:

TMan says:

The reason DayZ PC has not been being worked on is because Sony paid him to develope the PS4 version. Sorry, the reason DayZ got any ground was because of the PC mod for Arma II. This just shows he only cared about getting money and not really developing the game for PC. I still play the Arma II mod because it is hands down better than the stand alone. I am glad that I did not donate to this moron.

And I pretty much agree with him...

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