Saturday, 29 March 2014

Warcraft View - A Play Style

I've been taking a fair amount of time to look at how people play World of Warcraft, the multiboxer works for me perfectly, it suits me, but then I wrote it, what I'm looking at is a wider player demographic to see how others use the interface, how they interact in both PVE and PVP, whilst multiboxing with other software and playing solo.

The aim being to tune my interface and responses.

One thing I've noted a lot from hardcore PVE content players is this tendency to have their camera pulled all the way back... Here's an example from Preach

The camera is way back and angled way up high, I think more than the default controls let you, so this is customization of the UI in action.  But don't you think it looks more like another Blizzard game... Yeah it looks a lot like Diablo don't it....

Yet this is World of Warcraft... I might need to sub my main account and go try a few things out - bite the bullet as it were - because the multiboxer at present does feel like its working better down at character level where the main character you're leading around can help you keep tabs on the following boxes.

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