Thursday, 16 January 2014

Manlab & Minecraft

It has been a long time since I got any gaming in, least on the PC, been playing a lot of GTAV on the PS3... But I want to play some more PC stuff, however the room still needs work...

The front wall now has the built in wardrobes removed, so I've got to just re-finish the plaster along the front, I can see the chimney breast now, so I need to steam all the old wall paper off of that and prepare the surface for plastering.

But, I do hope with these little walls to do some plastering this weekend, indeed I hope to finish the front wall, and plaster both cheeks of the chimney breast from the same mix... and then do a second mix to do the front of the chimney breast and/or the ceilings.

I think tonight I'll get in and get on with the prep work - streaming & bonding the holes.

Once done I've got wire and I may go and wire some things in the loft.  The first thing I may sort out when I've wired the loft room is actually setting up a Minecraft server, I want a persistent world which I can work in and access from anywhere, I've until now been copying the world downloads around, however, that's now proving problematic as I've turned off and packed the main PC, which was the last place I used my world from.

However, I may re-start my last world from the seed and record my activity...

Also I've been looking at a new mob farm, Koala's seems cool and easy to build.

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