Thursday, 1 June 2017

You know...

You know that moment, when it's been over a week since you blogged, and yet you feel like it's been five minutes as you're so busy... Yeah, I've got that feeling right now...

So I thought I'd take a moment to list a few planned projects I have for these pages, if I ever get time for them....

The first is to look at the Intel TBB library, this is intended to assist in taking full advantage of the multicore capabilities of Intel chips, not something that has ever fully come into my sphere of interested (beyond running threaded code with posix threads or boost::thread or std::thread of course).

The second is some more Javascript, Python and MySQL interconnection code, in order to write a ticket/development control system, this is because I need a new one, I'm a little tired of the ones I use professionally, and the good ones out there on the interwebs are generally paid for, or limited for free, services.  So I want something super simple to handle my tickets... "Super Simple Tickets"... SST... That has a ring to it.

The third is to finally, go through some of my old Atari hardware, I plan to go through a video series just building from all the spares I have an Atari STE and I'm going to sadly sell it, as I have a LOT of junk left around the place.

A fourth might be to put together some AM1 powered AMD based machine, in order to see if the Intel TBB leverages itself smoothly onto that platform, and it appears to be pretty cheap to get entry there.

A fifth is to start recording some more game-play on my brand new EVGA nVidia 1080 GTX SC, which is an awesome piece of kit and has opened up the scope of my game play from my retired EVGA nVidia 700 GTX SC... Yes, Superclocked to Superclocked I have moved, and it was a tear because the 770 still stood up and produced such good results on the games I play, however, Unreal Engine 4 based games coming out over the last year have started to test it, and I never could get good performance in early versions of Ark (before they optimised it) and not at all in the currently unoptimized Player Unknowns Battlegrounds... So an upgrade I had, and nearly £600 later I'm a very happy puppy.  Though the delivery was rather shoddy.

And the final sixth is related to the fifth, to record more about the Medieval Minecraft Fortress and underground themed base I've been building from the excellent book I reviewed previously.

Anyway, that's what I'm planning to be up to... 

What are you guys doing?

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