Thursday, 29 December 2016

Announcement : My Book On Kindle!

You can pre-order my Kindle e-book today for delivery the 1st of January 2017!

For all those times you wonder about not knowing quite how to approach programming, or if you've lost your confidence with overly technical tomes trying to teach you, try my personal, one to one approach!

The text takes on the same format as the books I learned to program from in the 1980's, it helps you understand the basics never throwing into fits of rage or despair, I am right there with you to guide you.

This is the first book in what I hope to make a series, it takes you through basic variables, numbers, math, text processing, into the basics of lists and then object orientated programming, ending up with error handling and file processing.

I think the Python programming, despite a few quirks, is an excellent starting point for any beginner today, it lends itself to introducing programming across multiple platforms oh so very quickly, but one can still find jobs out there specifically requiring Python skills!

Pre-Order today!  And I'll see you inside!

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