Thursday, 30 April 2015

Week Without a Post?

Could I leave you, my darlings, without a post for a whole week?... No, of course I couldn't.

So what is going on?... Well, I'm trying to arrange a Friday night D&D game with a group of mates - but two of them are being quiet on the availability, one doesn't have a webcam or mic to join in with, one is eager and I'm getting blue balls about the whole affair.

I've been playing some games, notably Cities Skylines, and I've been made to play a lot of H1Z1 Battle Royale for the wife, our best result has been #2 so far, so near, and yet so far from a win!

Today see's the release of WarThunder patch 1.70, their 1945 release, and it's biggest item for me is the new British Naval Aviation line, which I'll look forward to unlocking and getting to ace status.

Beyond all that, I think we're going to be busy Saturday, the father-in-law is having his boat launched (seriously, a whole boat) so we've got to go to that.  Then Sunday we're meant to be going to see some friends, but I don't know what that'll entail.  If I can throw together a D&D game and their kids are in the mood I'll drag that with me and make them play.

Development wise for the Dungeon Crawler, I've been tidying up some of the C++ code under the hood, and I've formally sorted out the XML loaders, so that's the format for everything, settings and screen layout will be the next feature I look at.  Doors are still a work in progress, and I'm still mulling the whole steps thing...

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