Thursday, 5 March 2015

My X55 Settings in Elite & War Thunder

Last night, I spent a fair amount of time setting up my new X55 Rhino some more, firstly I spent time sorting out the wires, as I need to be able to insert and remove the sticks depending on how I want to play different games.

But once that was done, it was into various games to set up the controls... Elite Dangerous was one, as we saw in the sneak peak I had no joystick inserted playing the other night.  This was interrupted somewhat by having to download and install the new beta.

However, I also went to set up my full controls in WarThunder for flight... And I needed to do something different than before, as I'd found the stick really twitchy in the elevator and somewhat sluggish in the roll.... This is just for loading the X55 profile in the game itself.

Luckily, I did spot this video....

And it gave me a couple of tips, the first was to change the sensativity of the rudder (yaw) and the elevator (pitch).

I also changed how I was doing the trimming.

But the biggest change, and it really made a difference - at least in test flight - was to raise the seat.  I had never spotted those controls before, but I've attached them to the X55's throttle onto one of the lovely silver switches.  I raise it just as we see in the video, so the cross hair is just a touch inside the glass.

Even resetting the Track IR, I do raise the head position up.

With these new settings, and the lightest spring in the X55, test flights were excellent, the standard BF109 loop I do, under the bridges, through the rails of other things and then through the chimneys in the town was brilliantly light to the touch.

My next challenge is going to be to improve some of my pilot's spotting skills, and taking flight to fight.

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