Thursday, 22 January 2015

General Update -Elite Dangerous - Houses - Money

So it's been a long couple of months, our Christmas was severely cut back, and we've been waiting for the house sale to go through... It should complete Friday... So today I'm busy taking my excess hours off of work and going down to give the place a once over and then to the estate agents to hand in the keys ready for hand-over.

It has been a rather stressful time, not least with the ex-tenants we had being chased from pillar to post for debts they've racked up.. The best one being the illegal sub-tenant being prosecuted by Derbyshire City Council over a parking ticket... She appeared in court - how they summonsed her I don't know... But she still put our property address down as her own, in court, in early January 2015, despite not living in our property since October 2014...

I'd call that perjury, but I'd also call it incompetence by the court because the wife and I are on the council tax & electoral register, it'd have taken minutes to discover this and shows they didn't confirm the guilty party's address!

Needless to say, when the notice of impending removal of goods arrived, the wife ripped it open and nearly fainted, I've sent them a letter now, but we're still expecting burly blokes with bad attitudes to arrive, so the wife has her ID out and ready to show them through the window.

With all this going on Money has been an issue, hopefully tomorrow it gets a lot freer as the house funds get cleared to us, my plan is to wire cat6 shielded network wire into the upstairs and remove buy new springs for my X45 control stick.  All to aid my enjoyment of Elite, as well as WarThunder and some other games.

I've not been able to play any simulator battles in WarThunder for a while, because the spring on my stick is now as slack as a wizard sleeve, so straight and level flight is almost impossible, accurate gunnery is impossible.

I'm looking at ordering a set of springs from a place in Redditch and have a friend; a Redditch native; bring them up.

Coding wise, as you can see I've got the OCR tools working, last night was the first time I didn't do any collecting of data, I sat down with the 5 systems I had done, and I just used the tool (as shown in yesterdays post - pt6)... It was amazingly good, I tweaked one trade I had been taking Gold about for $45,000 profit (in my cobra with 36 cargo), but found I had a palladium source and consumer upping that first leg to $49,500.

The return leg I had been carrying Liquor for around £11,000 profit, I upped that to $18,500 by swapping to Power Generators.

Rinse and repeat, the viewer tool as you see in the previous screen shot worked great, a lot better than the first revision I'd put together.

Running the game in a window (though full screen border less) also gave better interactive results, I could have the collector running, and then slide the mouse out the client to use the data.  I need to add a refresh - or even an auto-refresh which detects file changes as data is collected - but for now this suits my purposes.  And it achieved results I earned a little over $800,000 credits trading in the short two hours I had to play last night... Taking me from Peddler to Dealer ranking to boot.

I am looking for testers, or backers, if you want to help, or offer advice, or offer support (in the form of servers for data collection or just money to pay for the hosting I think we'll need, just drop me a line in the comments below).

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