Saturday, 21 June 2014

Typhoon Fighters, Old and New

I was doing some research about the Hawker Typhoon Fighter Bomber in World War 2 last night, this was to help feedback against a moderated bug report on the Gaijin forums for War Thunder.

As part of my research I spent a good two hours after that dismal England match against Uruguay reading and checking figures in several books, it took so long because one of the references I wanted to pull out of my archive was from the Imperial War Museum's "Images of War" publication, and I could not find the right edition (there being 52 of them).

Anyway, I did find it in the end, and after checking with Janes, I hit the internet to re-evaluate the original digital source links I'd passed over in the post.

They all married up, roughly, and my observations of the climb performance in game were much higher, so there's clearly something wrong with the flight model.  I don't know if its a bug in how the sustained climb acts, or just a bug in the drop off of engine performance at height... But whatever it is, its not firmly in the hands of their moderators.

I like that they're handling bugs like this in a moderated fashion, it stops the dross of trolling and random posting which was the bane of my life when at the Lordz, trying to figure out what was an actual bug report and what was just people having a go.

I was however interested to see this article from the Telegraph come up, when I was searching online about the climb rate of the Typhoon.

In case you're not aware the Eurofighter as it entered RAF service was christened the Typhoon, unlike its name sake this new generation jet fighter can climb, oh boy can it, I've seen them in the flesh, a diamond formation of four going vertical over the Lincolnshire countryside.

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