Wednesday, 9 April 2014

World of Warcraft - Multiboxer

Update on the multiboxing software, I've had a week of feedback from my two testers, I definitely need to get a hold of a pair (or more) of high level Warlocks, as I've heard a few issues with the warlock pets... hunter pets are reported to be acceptable and following...

I don't like what Blizzard have done to hunters, I think they're now a broken class... No melee weapons and johnny come lately players calling those of us saying anything noobs... Argh.

The code itself has had a pair of re-factoring passes, the first pass added a set of key sequences to a single input, so you can make the client respond to a single key with "/follow <playername>"... This is useful, as I can use the shifting keys to switch up to a set of standard keys if need be.

One thing I've done with this is made each client have a "mount & follow" response set up, they mount from their action bar, then type /follow to the name of the previous party member (as configured with the XML files) so instead of following in a messy gaggle, when I mount and leave an area I leave in a line-a-stern formation.

I still need more support tho folks... See the prior posts if you want to donate, or volunteer to help.


  1. well its a good post, but you should have a bit more info on multiboxing. If your after more information on WoW Multiboxing go to for heaps of helpful info and tips

    1. Why should a post about my writing my own multiboxer need more info about multiboxing?... Just check out my other posts :)