Saturday, 15 March 2014

MMORPG Multiboxer (Multiple WoW Clients) #4

Welcome to my dev diary number 4, for the Multiboxer project, I've had a lot of people viewing the posts, far more than the videos (there's like 190 of you viewing the posts, but only like 6 views on the videos; which tells me my tagging either sucks or the videos are so crap you're not watching them).

Well, today's video is interesting in that you will see the code base (its files) and you'll see me using it from Visual Studio, and showing you some of the ease-of use features I'm adding in.  The fact I'm adding ease of use items, and showcasing them is really just a demonstration that I'm thinking about how I, and hopefully you would want to use this software, it really is going to be driven by your guys... So donate now to spur me on!

The demonstration today will focus on the window positions settings, how they're automatically saved for you and how they're used when you start up.  We're handling 4 clients at the same time, but if we opened more the known positions for these 4 would be used and then the rest would default, all being handled seamlessly for you, as you'll see in the video.

You will also see some of the included features of the software, how we switch into "monitor mode" easily to map key codes for the "Key Mappings" configuration, which you'll also see for the first time!

You can donate directly to this project and help fund development today, any donators will receive goodies!

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