Monday, 17 March 2014

Back to Work & Multiboxing Plans

It's a back to work kind of day, and oh boy have I got a lot on at work, but enough of that... Something is bugging me, and it's this damn sponge rubbish keyboard.

After using my lovely Cherry Mechanical keyboard at home all week, and actually getting code done (see the multiboxer project on prior posts) it is a real shock to the fingers to come back to this horrid rubber dome equipped monster.

It's a bod standard Dell keyboard, the keys are horrible, they don't depress nicely, when they bottom out they just stop dead and they wobble nearly all the time, the whole experience is only saved by the fact that my office desk here is brilliant and I've had the desk over 10 years, so I'm very used to it.  But the keyboard, argh.

Now, I'm in an open office space so mechanical keyboards would not go down well at all, though I'm about to go work for an adjunct company of ours, where I hear well they have mechanical keyboards, we'll see.

How's the multiboxer?... Well, I'm going to be working tonight on a filter, this is different key mappings shifted into and out of on a key press... So you could for example have a set of keys you ONLY want to sent to game client 1 and 3 (the healers) you press the toggle... "Shift" perhaps... and it shifts into that set of mappings.... the healers do their thing, let go of shift and you're back sending to clients 2 and 4 the ranged DPS...

I may spend my lunch break reading up on other multiboxers, I've seen one other multiboxer which embeds the game clients into its windows, so you can size and resize them within a single GUI... I think that's very intrusive on the client, and the game might detect it's parent is not the desktop window but some other user created window and call that a hack/exploit.  So I'm sticking with just letting the game clients open, then using "SetWindowPos" to put them into a known x, y, width & height.

Addendum... Does a first day back at work get any worse, when all your development machines start saying this to you....

Damn you, Damn you all to Hell!

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