Monday, 30 September 2013

WarThunder - Patch 1.35 - Economy Fixed!

The latest patch of War Thunder... Hmmm... Yes... Yes....


*cough* sorry, I got a little excited there, yes after walking away at 1.28/1.29 with the terrible changes they made to the economic model, I've been back with 1.35 and I've made a profit.  I've even lead the score board a couple of times, and I've had fun doing it.

I've bought the new BF109E-1, which complements my German Fighter line where I'd rather have been using the Do-17's than try to use the BF110, or the Italian shite.

I've also upgraded a couple of my British crates with all their upgrades, as I can afford to, and from 250,000 lions at the start of the weekend, I spend down to around 95,000 and I've played only a handful of games and got back up to 200,000.  I consider this a miraculous turn around.

And its made the game fun again.

The visuals are just as good, though on the latest build I am seeing some horizontal tearing as I'm scanning the camera around, but then this is the first time I've run WarThunder on this rig with Windows 7, it used to run flawlessly on Vista on the same hardware, but I've not even bothered mucking about with the settings (yet).

The other new plane I bought is the Spitfire IIa, new in line, and I took it up for a spin on the Battle of Britain Event Mission, now I posted my Spit Mk I success as a youtube video some time ago, however, things did not go as swimmingly in the brand new - low crew skilled - Spit IIa.  No, I climbed to altitude in the usual way and then got bounced by four 109's of various models, the final blow going to a BF109E-1, but I managed to take one with me even with a shredded wing.  Dowding would have been proud - well, perhaps not, but I tried.

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