Friday, 24 August 2012

Arma2, DayZ & Juggling Real-Life

So, I bit the bullet and I've bought Arma2 & the Operation Arrowhead, just to play the DayZ mod, I'm still sold on watching all the videos being uploaded by RedReloadedHD on youtube... Check out his channel here.

Now, this is a bit of a secret purchase, I'm going to be a very good boy this weekend, I'm going to take the wife to see a potential new house tonight, and get on with sanding the new filling in the woodwork under the stairs.  Tomorrow the wife is at work, and I'm going to see a financial guy, but I might get up and do some cutting in around the under stairs area, so I can come later and do a big swathe of painting with a roller...

And then in the evenings, when the wife is home, its going to be sitting with a take-away tomorrow, she'll insist on X-Factor being on... Lets home this weekend we don't get the ass hat from number 9 kicking off again, I suspect we will, or at least hear him on his mobile on the back again talking about delivering eights to people (Yes, I know what you sell in measurements of eighths)...

Anyway, after all that I might get some time in the evening to try downloading the games to my steam installation on my machine upstairs, and I might also get to play some on my funky laptop (which its currently downloading on).

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