Friday, 20 August 2010

Smallwood v NCSoft

So, it would seem that someone, unable to get out of his virtual world has decided to get up out of his computer chair and sort out his addiction to computer games... He unfortunately is an American, which means he's promptly pointed the finger of blame at someone else and files suit against NCSoft.

Check out the details at the link at the end of the post.

But, I can't believe this chap, he's played this game, 20,000 Hours over 5 years... let me just check something.... I have played (approximately) 18140 hours of World Of Warcraft, I've had active accounts in Eve since 2005 and have dabbled with LOTRO, Dungeons & Dragons, Runes of Magic, I played in a high ranked UK Day of Defeat Clan and single player games such as the Total War series, the CIV Series and Dragon Age...

Since 2004 I have managed to change job, buy a new car, buy a house, get engaged, start to learn the drums, went back to my old study of Karate and played about with writing a novel...

If I have time for all that, what was this guy doing? I mean, 18000 hours is near as damn it two years, I have spent two of my 32 years on the planet in Azeroth! God help me when I roll up to the pearly gates to justify my own existence... "I got to level 80, six times, made Marshal PVP rank and raided end game as DPS, healer and tank without ever raiding with a druid". I know what the reply will be.. "Click" going Dooooooooown.

And I don't care, it was my choice to play all that time away, I did it, I swapped dinging for sleep, I got obsessed, I still am, but I have a life around my keyboard and I got on with it, I certainly didn't point at Blizzard and shout "j'accuse" they sold a service, it was my choice, my right, my option to play... Just as it was this chap's choice to play Lineage II.

I'll be interested in how the courts in the US progress this case, especially what NCSoft say... I mean, there are alsorts of parallels, do the baulbus members of the populus get to blame the cows for making them fat?

I mean, there are people pulling guns on people, selling drugs, even; god forbid; doing 34 in a 30mph zone... what are the courts doing cluttering themselves up with this joker trying to excuse his own actions?

Gah, rant over... BTW, those of you tuning into SUWT #68 to hear me, you won't... Someone (not pointing any fingers) forgot he invited me... and here I am with a prom dress all ready, and no-one to take me... bastard.

Anyway, the link to the story can be found here.... WIRED.

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