Friday, 9 April 2010

My girlfriend... has a man draw

"What?" I hear you asking "is a man draw?", well according to some a man draw is a single, usually small draw in the house, where as a man you get to store things like batteries, fuses, string, glue... all those little nick-nack things that as a man you need from time to time...

A small torch... Blu-tac... tippex...

My man draw is actually a whole room, including dual screen PC, drum kit and coffee maker... but that's beside the point... because I'm a little worried...

My GIRLFRIEND... let me emphasise that... GIRLfriend [well fiancee - yay us] has a MAN draw... she's not a man... but she has a man draw.

She had this little... well, quite large actually... draw in the kitchen full of little nick-nacks... infact I'm quite proud of her, because as man draws go, hers is a cracker, you can hardly get the thing closed without a pen or piece of paper getting trapped in it.

I'm not worried about this, we both know who wears the trousers in our relationship... she does... so everything is fine.

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