Tuesday, 31 May 2016

My Silent & Popular Videos

Some of you may have noticed that over the years I've created some example videos, however, most of them before 2015 are silent, there's a very good reason for this, many of them were created on a system which had no sound input, or were recorded in places where I could not perform to the camera or microphone.

However, recently I've started to perform for you all, and you can hear my droning monotonous bullshit spouting off gob on most all the videos.

Unfortunately, this leaves me in a difficult position, because I have multiple uploads getting many views (multiple thousands on some), but they're silent and get commented as such.  People apparently need me to explain some of these items.

So, my new focus through June for technology is two pronged, the first is to remake those original videos which are silent, specifically the Boost Libraries on Windows stuff, that is all very popular, it is still accurate, but we're currently on boost v1.61.0, and it would be advantageous to remake those videos.

The second prong is an effort to start explaining some more programming topics, the first of which is linking to MySQL from source, another is building the GCC toolset from source, and finally there's going to be a series on programming C++.

This last item however, is going to be related to a book I'm putting together, to self-publish on Amazon's platform.  Which is going to be my own personal, probably quite antique feeling "Introduction to Programming with C++".

This is perhaps one of the hardest topics for a programmer to write upon properly, because you have to constantly stop yourself running a head, or assuming anything about your audience.  Many other books on the programming topic tend, in my experience, to leap a head assuming that the reader knows more than they might.  Or that they understand some technology or phrase being used.

I'm hoping to break that down, and get over the hurdle of introducing the topic by giving away the first part of the book for free, here on this blog perhaps, and that first part is really going to be a guide on how to use the rest of the book, it'll contain details of whom might benefit from the content, and it'll also help an absolute beginner understand what programming is, and how to start to think, before trying and perhaps getting frustrated by the actual tutorial segments of the tome.

Expect all this, through June & July!

And of course, keep tabs on my YouTube channel, which I am posting to very regularly now...

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