Wednesday, 16 September 2015

What Happened to CubeWorld

I've just been sorting out my laptop ready for a stint on the road, so I've made sure some of the tools I need are available, that the dual boot to Windows is still working - because believe it or not I've had a hotel once not let any browser except IE get onto their free WiFi - and I've also made sure I have some games....

The laptop of course has my installation of CubeWorld on it, you may recall back in 2013 I had a main PC PSU failure, so that week I had to find another title and CubeWorld was blowing up all over the place at that time... So I bought into that Alpha..

I play CubeWorld now and then, but I don't connect my laptop to a network very often, so I was amazed today when firing up the game there were no updates... Hmmm... No updates since 23rd July 2013... Hmmm....

That's a long time, so I just had a look around, whether I needed to download a whole new updater/launcher, or some other thing, no idea, can't get on the site, there's no forum, there's no news, no information.

The only place I found any information was on Reddit, and I like Reddit, but not for hard facts, it's more a guide to potential situations regarding projects, lots of opinion and little solid fact at times... You know, like Wikipedia.

So checking that out, what is the status of CubeWorld?... Well, a video touting the "up coming" Quest system was released, but nothing more... Nothing... For over a year... One can't log onto the site (at least I couldn't, even resetting my password) and the shop is closed...

Now, I love this game, I love the look, the feel, the world and the look... I hope nothing bad has happened to it's becoming really really cool (as it's only cool at the moment).

The GM in me is shaking my virtual D20 in the development efforts direction and saying "please give me more".

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  1. Seems Kotaku asked the same questions in July, and got an answer