Friday, 18 September 2015

New Project Series for you Guys

I've been trying to record you a new series, my rants on life, the universe and everything, with the phone in the car on the drive in, I've tried to record video, tried audio, tried to just dictate and then write out the rants... None of it has been working for me, I think I need to get a better mic set up to record the audio I want.

Even post processing the captured audio and video files has been to no effect.

Topics I covered this week were Kivy in Python, the on going Immigration Crisis coming out of Syria and the wanker who cut me up in a fully livery clad van, the douché.

So, very diverse.

But until I can get around to solving the technical hiccups you'll just have to know and accept that I'm trying... in both senses of the term, yes I'm trying...

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