Thursday, 24 September 2015

Chess & Me

I've always been fascinated by board games, Chess was perhaps the first I obsessed over, and I wasn't bad at playing it... When I was around 10 we had a wooden chess set at home, and I'd spend hours looking at positions, but was  never encouraged that this was a worth while thing to do.

When I was in my early twenties, I came back to Chess and had a few books and bits and bobs for it, spent ages analysing positions once.  It's sort of part of me.

Anyway, I recently came across, and signed up... I had played a few games and got totally thrashed whilst anonymous... But I did a bunch of their training puzzles (some of which I think I saw better options or at least equivalent options for) and then signed up... Ironically when you sign up their capta check is a chess puzzle, and I kept getting it wrong!

But soon sorted and I started my first game, no pressure, so I went for classic 20 minute (plenty of time) game style.  I have this speed chess, I'm not practised enough for it.

Here's my ending board, did I win... I think I did, but the opponent just left :(

(I'm playing white)

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