Wednesday, 1 July 2015

WarThunder - Battle Log is Useless

So, another stealth change, brought in by Gaijin has been a separate tab on your results screen, to let you see your battle actions... Now, I assume this is used to determine how "Active" you have been.  A statistic I've long had issues with, as flying present 100% in the cockpit I've had very low % activity rates, especially in bombers where you're doing your job flying to a target but only get 3% activity ratings.

Anyway, have a look at my results...

Seven ground kills and an air kill assist... I was flying out an Italian 3 engined bomber to get it spaded... You know, a ground strike mission, and I have the most ground strike kills on my team, but I'm still only mid table... GG on that one... But then look at my battle log...

Reading that you'd think I've only killed four ground targets... Three target kills are missed, as is the air assist kill!... Totally rubbish, the first rule of data presentation is to present the correct data, and this is just wrong.

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