Friday, 17 July 2015

British Gas: My Final Verdict

I'm utterly disgusted today... I've had contact from a Debt collecting Agency... They started to ask me lots of questions to prove who I was... But, I don't know who they are... They called me randomly, so I refused to talk to them.  This is what you always do, never fall for social engineering bullshit, always if you get someone claiming to be from a company and they ask you to prove who you are, don't believe them, they called you, you don't know who they are.

Ask them for a number to call their company back, check the number is a real number for that company via the internet, if you can, and then call them back and only then go through security with them.

Anyway, who were these people, no idea... No clues, not nothing...

So I opened my personal mail, I got three e-mails from British Gas....

Yes, British Gas, the energy rob dogs who I stopped having supply me over three months ago... We're in July, I swapped to Coop in April.... That's May June and now July... Why are British Gas chasing around after me?...

I had in May and June, checked my online account status and it said £0.00 balance, I owed nothing... Two months after my final reading to them, nothing owed, so I've ignored their e-mails...

The e-mail today... You owe us £147... WHAT!?!?!?!?

Yes, because it was my final reading they took three months to bill me... This is on top of my paying up all outstanding bills, this is on top of my phoning them and asking "Do I owe anything, I'm leaving your supply".. and being told "You owe nothing" and "there is nothing outstanding".

Here I am, July, more than three months after the fact, coughing up £147 because their billing system is so archaic and their processes to dinosaur slow that they could not and did not bill be before today!

My advice, stop using British Gas, they're utterly and totally unable to bill in any timely fashion, their bills are never accurate, their staff try their best to work around their systems, but they're so broken as to be a joke.

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