Saturday, 13 June 2015

Network Hardware Time

Yes, we've been back in the old house for a while now, and since I stripped all the networking gear out of the man lab in the other house and returned I've not touched it.  It's all been sat on my desk doing not a lot for over six months.

This weekend however, it's time to run a new Ethernet cable from the virgin cable feed, up through the first floor into the front bedroom, this cable is a bit of a beat, I've bought a double shielded cat5e, so I should finally be getting an unfettered full bore connection from my main rig.

The big tasks are going to be drilling the hole, from above this is simply through the floor board, and I've got a wire/pipe detector to make sure it is safe.  But from below the hole in the ceiling has a pelmet and the room is immaculately plastered... I kind of wish Ken had of listened to me when I asked for wiring conduits to be added, but hey ho.  So, hopefully I'll get through the pelmet and border and through the plaster board and into the lath & plaster Victorian ceiling without issue... Once I've gone up like that I'm going to use a plastic pipe to feed it through the hole and cut it off, giving a clean smooth drop for the cable.

Finally, I'm going to feed this shielded cable along the skirting in the room to the desk, and then spend Hours... and I mean HOURS.... sorting the cables.  My cabling solution is just all hanging at the moment, so I might look for some cable tied, tie a bunch into position and then hot-glue those bundles onto the underside of the desk.

Wish me luck...

In other news, you can view my last play sessions on Twitch:

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