Friday, 10 April 2015

Dungeon Crawler - Making Tokens Follow Routes

The last two days of game development time have been dedicated to the test bed for routing, and that's all working nicely now.

So, I'm starting to look at the game itself, to decide how best to implement routing into the game.

My first step therefore has been to make the moving game tokens follow a set of steps... Each step being a point within a queue of points, called a route.

Each time the token comes to rest, from the previous step, it looks for a new step to move onto, or it's done moving...

At the moment this is not a proper route, next I need to make the route be calculated, just as it is with the path finding test bed.

But again, I need to load the blocked (adventure) map into the actual program first.

--- Please also note, I just happen to have called this project "Dungeon Crawler", since starting it I've seen videos around of a different project in the same vein... We're not related projects.

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