Monday, 16 March 2015

Get Office Software Free!

Back at work today, it's been a long day, despite my going in slightly late and leaving early on my flexi.  Not feeling totally brilliant in myself, however, it did mean I got to read the news and BBC site at lunch for the first time in a week.

The article I got onto was this [], I'm a little dismayed with the BBC at present, for the first time ever I've written to complain, and this article just continues to beggar belief...

Specifically this:

There's a fourth option, download Libre Office, or Apache Open Office, totally for free, for any platform and write my CV with that totally free, completely functional Word Processing suite...

But, the BBC, this reporter, like my own bosses and IT infrastructure persons are so totally inert in realising that free Open Source software is out there and available, and legitimate, they don't engage with it.

This fact, simply derailed that topic for me.

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