Monday, 12 January 2015

My XML Library is Kapput

I've been using an XML library of my own devices, based around RapidXML for ages, it has been totally brilliant, utterly useful and completely thread & memory safe for about three years.

Yet today, the trusty dog that it is, has turned around and bit my hand, as I've found a bug, and I'm not sure where the bug comes in, whether in my code or from the underlying RapidXML.

My problem, I load a structure:


This is fine, however, these turn into my classed "XMLConstruct" and I have three of these:

   m_Name = "Root"
   m_Value = null
       [0] = XMLConstruct
          m_Name = "a"
          m_Value = "0"
          m_Children = null
       [1] = XMLConstruct
          m_Name = "b"
          m_Value = "1"
          m_Children = null
This is fine, it works, I have my data... But every use previously I created a class "Root" from this, and used that classes "ToXML" function.

However, today I want to just open the XML and "for each node if m_name == 'a' set m_value = '999'".

Sounds simple... Nope, when I do this the XML output I get from the underlying Rapid XML is:


This is a mystery to me, I'm going to have to bottom it out, but it's that kind of problem on a Monday morning which annoys me.

More annoyingly, the C# implementation of the same library I'm using, does not do this... The difference between the C++ version and the C# version is the underlying XML library, so I'm suspecting something about the node allocation, or the node use inside Rapid XML being off...

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