Saturday, 17 January 2015

Elite Dangerous - Trading Tools - OCR - Progress Pt4

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Just an quick update, since this morning, I've been tidying the code, fixing things up to make it work with the actual client, and here's the first basic run....

This is a looping console application, so we press F1 when looking at the navigation console to grab and read the system name, and when docked with the commodities window open we press F2 to grab the station name.

Pressing F11 gives the status of these two strings, and you can press Y/N to confirm the selected names before going any further.

This is the important header information, captured live from the client, the client again can be any resolution, windowed or not, you don't need to do anything special for this, just look at the right pages in the client before pressing the F1/2 button respectively, you keep the focus in your client (so you can be full screen) and my OCR application, in the background, works seamlessly.

Now, the OCR is not quick, nor is it perfect, but here we can see it working, and for my needs this is just the ticket.

Next, the actual commodities, which I'm going to save as XML files all over... And then I need to throw up a reader to take those XML files in and make a database of searchable ccommodities  The main search being you select a commodity you see on screen in large numbers, and the tool will get all the buying stations up in order of the buying price, optimizing that trade for you.

The second search I'd like is to give it say 4 systems, which I see in the client are linked & in jump range even when full, and the tool work out the best trades (top 3 maybe in case there are few of the items) to take between them in a sequence.

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