Tuesday, 23 December 2014

British Gas - Billing & Indian Bullshit

You may recall I mentioned problems with cold calls from British Gas in August?

Well, they're up to the same tricks, local Nottingham number, so I answer, loads of clicks and then a very noisy call centre in the background and an Indian woman shouting at me, insulting me, calling me a fool.

I'm not going to go through security with you, you called me, what you're effectively asking me to do is tell a stranger who just called me out of the blue on an unknown number my private personal information....

When I challenger her on this, and asked for a call back number, she even avoided the question and told me "we have very many numbers"... Yeah, well give me one!

Needless to say I went back to them myself and sorted my account, but I also reported to complain about this woman, she was so annoying, obtuse, rude and insulting... I posted my report at about 5pm yesterday (22nd December 2014)...

You want to see their reply...?

So, there's my mail into them, and I just got a reply... 12:21... Right... Here's the reply content...

Yes, the reply is blank, it's just a copy of my mail to them... Classic British Gas... Classic, fantastic Customer Service, fantastic... And British... Should be fucking "Indian Gas", so tired of this crap with them.

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