Thursday, 6 November 2014

WarThunder on Linux

Yes, it is official, WarThunder is available on Linux!  This was a bit of a secret as I had access to the game on Linux with thanks to Gaijin.

There were a few bugs, and communication was sadly pretty poor as rather than reviewing the game in any fashion one was simply playing and reporting bugs.

The experience however is identical to the Windows and Mac release, the graphics being rendered in OpenGL (which you can even do on Windows and you always do on Mac all the time) so the porting of the game was essentially down to their moving their implementation.

With libraries like SDL this is an easier task then before, however, WarThunder is now, without doubt, the most complex and detailed game I've seen on Linux. 

And it marks a massively interesting change in the fortunes as game developers look at the platform.

The Witcher 3 and other AAA title games are also appearing for the platform, however, WarThunder with both it's land, air and soon to be sea game modes is far above those scripted screen play type games.

I'm certainly interested in how head-tracking and complex flight stick controls now start to improve on Linux, with this fantastic game now on the platform.

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