Saturday, 8 November 2014

War Thunder - BF110 Skin Grinding

I've been playing WarThunder and continuing my work through of skins for aircraft, my current target is both for the BF110.  Yes two skins, however, for the poor old 110 they're not farming ground targets these are for player air kills, AI don't count.

So it is a much different prospect to farming ground targets in the Stuka.

I figured however, in Arcade the 110 gets burned down too quickly, in Simulator it gets out matched, so I need to use Realistic battle, primarily for the good view compared to Simulator and that performance is still modified with the Instructor helping.

I'd not fully unlocked all the modifications when I started, I have now, and I've been having great fun with the plane, it is actually a very punchy aircraft when it gets into a tier 1/2 game.  However, I have found myself being matched with BF109F4's, so that's edging into Tier 3 and in those games where everyone climbs high I often find myself climbing up to the same altitude in a lazy oval or in tight zig-zags, because the single engined opponents simply get the jump on me.

The first of the two however, I think, looks great.

I've also started, with the aircraft fully upgraded, to take on the role in my team as the bomber killer, I can knock them down and take the punishment for doing so, when I'm forced to take on fighters I try to dive hit and run for my life.

It can work out to be fun, and profitable... if you vary your role as well, with bombs kept and used as the enemy team dwindle in number.

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