Sunday, 9 November 2014

Ghost Hunting - TAPS

Last night, lost for something to watch for 10 minutes, the wife and I put on one of those Ghost Hunting shaky camera bullshit programmes, some bunch of blokes called "TAPS" running around an old French fort somewhere or other.

Anyway, they kept saying they were seeing things, and kept saying they were hearing things, but they were never on camera, or the camera was shakier than a chronic masturbator in full swing.

But, one of the tests was just hilarious one fellow and a lass put a torch on a set of steps and they asked "any spirits present to flash the light if they are French"... and the light flashes... "Are you a soldier"... and the light flashes... "Did you serve here".. the light flashes...

They're saying they've just made contact with the dead, they've just proven life after death, or existence after death... They've just proven everything the owner of this site wanted to prove.  There's a shed load of other supposed detecting kit near the torch, but they say there's no jiggery pokery going on... Right... Okay... Lets say I believe you, you've dropped this into my viewing, and I believe you, you've just proven life after death!

And they completely ignore this test later on, when they come to review and hand over the evidence to the site owner, they have a shakey picture of a light supposedly dimming and brightening "as if someone is walking past the light" and they they have footage of "my t-shirt being touched from behind"... it looks just like he's moved his shoulder to me... All right, you've shown them that, now show them the proof of life after death!....

Nope, they don't show that footage again, they completely ignore it and it's been ignored by the summing up.... In fact the chap and lass who collected that footage, don't appear again in the whole show!

I find these kinds of shows so annoying, so.... pathetic and annoying.... Don't watch them folks, they're full of shit.

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