Tuesday, 21 October 2014

BBC Top Gear - To Argentina - DO NOT APOLOGISE!

If they apologise I'll have a fit... I will seriously throw my rattle out my pram... Fuck Argentina, they conducted an illegal war against a British protected territory, whom has repeatedly stated its people wish to remain British... I am so suck of Argentina and this topic...

Just go on YouTube find a documentary about the Falklands war and read the Argentine comments...

One guy was trying to claim the Brooklyn class CRUISER the General Belgrano was a transport ship... Are you fucking retarded?... It was a CRUISER when it was laid down in the '30's and it was still a cruiser when we sunk the bastard!

It just seems whenever there's something to distract the Argentine people about they wheel out the Falklands... And the people follow like kittens being shown a ball of yarn.... Wake up people your politicians are hiding shit from you.

Like the Military Junta of 82 was hiding it was disappearing thousands of people... Remember them, not some trifling war they used to try and swing your opinion, and grow up you lost, grow a set of balls over it!

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