Tuesday, 10 June 2014

War Thunder Sound Issues Resolved

An interesting upshot of upgrading my graphics card has been the total solution of the sound issues I was having with WarThunder Ground Forces...

The sound uses to stutter and stammer, it was impossible to hear actions being taken against your own vehicle and the ambient long range artillery fire was constantly taking over the sound channels.

With the new graphic card no stutter, no booming...

The exact same processor and sound system is not playing the sounds normally, my thoughts are that the sounds were always playing properly, but that there were so many sounds and so complex a scene being rendered that the graphics card became a bottle neck, holding up the PCI-e Bus, and so interrupting the sound playing.

I'll be posting more about the new performance of my rig as I get to play more games, so far I've only played one half round of War Thunder Ground Forces and an hour of Sniper Elite 2; before the wife wanted me to go run around after her like a fawning lamb.

So to anyone having such sound issues, it maybe a performance bottle-neck.

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