Tuesday, 27 May 2014

WarThunder - P400 - More Flyouts

I did get to fly out a few more times over Monday, it being a Bank Holiday I figured what the hell... I have after all, decorated two rooms, found a secret hidden power socket - shhh its a secret!

And despite my GPU woes, you have to admit WarThunder is a spectacularly pretty game...

I even spent some time, well a couple of minutes, customizing my P400.

Yes I stuck a Union Flag on her, this is not a Union Jack, you only put Jacks on boats or ships, so this is a Flag... It seemed to bring me luck too, as I immediately flew out and downed two German Bombers, a HE111 and a JU88, as well as shooting the heck out of another 88...

This was of course not before I met an Allied ass hat in an F4F whom decided the best way to shoot a Pe3 down was to shoot through me, destroying my tail and causing me to finally crash upon returning to base.  But even for that game I received Battle Trophies, so all was well, which ended well.

These are my first few fly outs in WarThunder in a long while, the reason for my absence was the dearth of "Pilot Knocked Out" I received a few months back, every time I went anywhere near an enemy fighter boom, unconscious.  That however does not seem to be happening any longer... Ground Forces also adds a nice touch to the game, but I'm having sound issues with that part of the game... Which I'm not fully investigated my end, before I start moaning at Gaijin.

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