Monday, 28 April 2014

Weekends Ending

I'm not sure whether my weekend actually deserved to contain the word "end", because I didn't stop once, between jet washing, and cooking, shopping and actually coming into the office on Saturday I don't feel rested at all...

I did get to play some Minecraft however - screen shots to follow - and I also began more looking into OpenGL, you can skip back through the blog and see I was working on texture mapping some area and viewing it a few years ago, I never really got to use that as work in the office took me in a different location.

But I'm looking at an OpenGL application to leverage Windows, Linux and MacOS... Possibly even OpenGLES, so the Pi & mobile platforms in the longer run.

I have prepared Wednesdays next post about the Virtual CPU code we're working on, so stay tunes for that...

In the news I noted this article:  

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