Monday, 20 January 2014

Good Plastering Progress

I come to you live, it really is half past midnight, the reason being I can't sleep... I'm extremely tired, bodily tired, but my brain is very very active.

So, lets round things up, first of all the plastering YES I got what I wanted doing and a little bit more done, I got in Friday and steamed four walls, chipped shitty old plaster off, I dug 1970's cavity clamps out of the wall, I fixed the chimney breast and applied PVA to the old plaster to control suction.

Saturday, I did the front wall, blending it in, and then both chimney cheeks, and spent ages blending the front wall.  Finally a second mix I did the facing side of the chimney breast and tidied up... Now I tore the plaster on the thin top here, the walls are strange, I need to apply less than 1mm of plaster above the old picture frame position and nearly 3.5mm below... This however means I need to polish and can polish the lower half quicker and better, but the upper area I pretty much have to leave alone as once it starts to dry I just tear it...

And I tore a good 6 inch gash in the chimney breast front... gah.

But anyway, Sunday two mixes and I got both of the side walls done... And the walls are good... The plastering is acceptably smooth....

However, my corners, especially the in ward directed ones are awful... I don't know why, I use a brush, I smooth them, I try my best, but they're just shit and with the handicap of not being able to work the very thin tops a lot they tops are worse.  And adding insult to injury there's the curved front roof...

Anyway, lots done... Gaming... Well the wife and I did finish GTV5 through one set of senarios, we've started again however, to play through a whole other way.

I really had wished I'd got something else played however.  So, there's another post with no nice pictures, no information, just me moaning about plastering... But, I really have to get this room done now.

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