Monday, 6 January 2014

boost libraries and -Weffc++

I've got a peeve for the day, I've come to use the boost libraries, specifically signals2, in a little project and I wanted to knock up some code to demonstrate what I was up to quickly... However, I've just sat with Code::Blocks spewing beeeellllions of errors and warnings at me.... All from code which looks fine.

The warnings and problems are all coming from Boost... Don't include boost and all is well... but I know boost is fine, I know thousands of people use it, I know its tested... why... oh why is my project cocking it up?

Well, it seems I use -Weffc++ in my compiler scripts, by automatic and default, I like the effective warnings... The problem is, this switch breaks using boost... Boost clearly does not listen to Scott Meyer.. grrr.

So folks, if you want to use boost, don't use the g++ switch -Weffc++

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