Saturday, 23 November 2013


I got a PS3... No, not one of the refurbs, though I got a refurb online the blue rays were all duff so I got a nice new PS3 slim for Christmas... It came Tuesday.

Now, after making the wife suffer the hugely long GTA5 install period she went to bed, but this was lucky as the first thing - after initial missions - that I ended up doing was going to a lap dance and pulling the dancer whom the character took home and he bedded... receiving a morning text saying "I can hardly walk"... lol

Not quite the same as GTA3 - the last game in the series I played - where the hookers would get in the car with you, but you'd only get a comic bouncing of the car springs... GTA5 has "evolved" and so I had full pixelated titties jiggling across the screen.... much to my own chagrin.

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