Saturday, 16 November 2013


I can't tell you why, least not right now, but I've just had to sit down and write up my CV.

I hate CV's... I help my mates do theirs from time to time, but I've been with my current employer over 9 years (it is in fact 10 years very soon) so I don't have call for a CV.

So the one I've just put together its kind of like a "this is me, ask me owt you want" kind of thing, I mean I'm midway through my 30's and been a professional programmer for nearing 14 years, so I guess what Comprehensive School I went to, and what GCSE's I got is pretty much pointless to stick on there.

As a consequence my CV is like two solid pages just recaps of my jobs, references and then a little introduction as to who I am written in the third person.

Now to hit the streets with it.  And one of the things I remember about the last time I went through a round of recruitment is that recruiters always - ALWAYS - change the contact information, this is of course to protect their revenue stream, they ask for their fee (which at one time was 10%) for finding the right candidate.  The trouble is, we're in a depression, things are hard, so I'd rather a potential new employer have my contact details, not use a recruiter and give me - or invest in my desktop equipment they give me - that fee.

I'm letting my CV circulate of its own will, but I will say this, I've just posted it off to a company I've been in awe of in Nottingham...

I have a funny feeling I went to an interview with these guys when they were based out at Sandiacre, but I was not told who they were, and I think I pretty much failed that interview because of my own lacklustre interest in what they were talking to me about back them.

But I'd suffer any amount of tribulations to get to interview again, not least just to talk to them and know who they are.

I mean, as a serious C++ fan boy, games are the performance item to look at for me.  More than the sedate world of the desktop, so I'd love to talk tech with them, but to work with them.... Droool.

Mind you, would I prove to be too much of a know it all bastard?...

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