Saturday, 12 October 2013

Pilot Knocked Out!

What have all these screen shots got in common?

Yeah, they all show my pilot getting knocked out, this seems to be happening a LOT, and not just on rookie crews with no vitality either, this is happening on my highly trained Brits and Japs, this is happening all the time to me.

And I'm even causing it a LOT to enemy players.

In one case I was knocked unconscious by a destroyer, another time by AA, so its happening from AI targets too, it just seems to be the current trend it not to knock the plane down, in fact these upgrades allowing airframes and control surfaces to soak up punishment tonight have meant nothing, because puff... dead pilot... just kept happening over and over and over.

Another buggy problem, my Cromwell has been on the sinking side... I've had it get stuck like this, in the ground more than once tonight, ruining my speed - and getting me killed... No idea why, I got good settings, good connection... but... puff ground sucker..

There's no sign of the Artic Silver thermal compound, so no updates on the PS3 rebuild yet... But... we'll see what the postman brings tomorrow.

The final bit of news is WarThunder are announcing their ground forces tech trees tomorrow.. YUM!

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