Saturday, 21 September 2013

WoT - Cockbites - Pushers

I am continuing my TD kicker, and I've been doing well, 5 wins in a Row just now... That was until I ran into this prick... "xuxinha" in his Type T-34... now this prick came and parked his arse in front of me, but was worst than useless sat whilst there, shots on two targets never took them... and then when I moved to get the shot he pushed me off a cliff...

And called me noob... So lets have a look at his comparison with me?...

And this waste of skin had the balls to call me a noob... Here's the footage in all its gruesome detail... And yes, I shot the useless retard on my way down... But have to laugh as two of his point blank shots bounce... What a douche he is.

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