Monday, 2 September 2013

Something Amazing - World of Tanks

Something amazing just happened, it has me ready to go out and buy a lottery ticket... check this out...

That's right, they're all victories... seven in a row... and counting, now this will send the noobmeter reading mad because they're all victories, but also taking a look I'm not doing bad, the most fun game was the Tiger game, where despite facing IS-2's and other heavies much more able than me, I hung in there and got confederate.

The last game with the crusader was also a good one, where I tried to do something with the ravine down the middle rather than play about in the edges.

All in all, its been a great little play time... But, midnight now, and I think I have to go to bed, not least because I have to take the car in for some work tomorrow, and the wife is off to her job, so I'm on foot... Yes I got to walk about 5 miles home.

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