Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Backwards Play Lists - A YouTube Annoyance

Today I have mostly been doing COM work in the office - yes COM - I hate COM... but enough of that, in my personal time I've also been doing some 2D OpenGL, not sprites either, I've been using real quads to do things, blending them and playing about, I'm thinking about little scrolling game ideas to put my 2D graphics to the test.

I've also come here to rant a touch, because I'm so so sick of people on youtube - and there are dozens of them who do this - not looking at their content, these are people with sometimes swish content, cool intro's, 1000+ views per video - which is good going... but then they do the little things wrong, things like.... They have a play list, and the list is backwards!

What do I mean "Backwards"?... Well lets say its a series of uploads, and they're numbered "Episode 1", then "Episode 2", it'd be freaking nice if they bothered to add them into the play list in that order... I know its probably a real fiddle to remove all the videos from the play list and then re-add them all again, because the YouTube folks don't seem to have spotted this problem themselves.

But to us the viewer, where content is king, having to stop move to the player and click back down the list to find the "next" to play is a fucking ball ache.

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