Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Vine Review Items being Sold

Now I've been an Amazon Vine reviewer for over a year, and I've now got a house over-flowing with books and things, everything I get receives a thorough going over and always get an honest review.

One of the rules of receiving these free items is that one is not allowed to just skim them off of Amazon and sell them for a quick buck, now recently I received a book... I chose it as it had parallels with my Bachelors Degree Dissertation...

And I took a goof fortnight to read it, cover to cover, and posted my review, the book will now take a position on my Technical shelf and look very cool for any of my other IT literate friends coming by...

But that might not be the case with some others, for you see, I noted on the reviews of this book is a review... lets say by "Rodger"... its a throw away one paragraph review, clearly showing the chap never read the book, and had no interest in it, but instead took it from the list of items on the vine list because it was expensive.

And his reason... its listed on e-bay, under the username "Rodger"... for a price which screams - "I got this free from Vine"...

This has me so angry, the lazy, skimming, embezzler.  Its bad enough that the second the Vine mail arrives stuff I've love to try out/review is gone, but then to see this underhanded bullshit, it makes me want to scream.  How many of the pieces of IT hardware I've not had an ice cubes chance in Etna of getting were being skimmed off in this fashion?

I might start taking a look.

And here's the review on Amazon...

George Rodger, if you want to prove to me that's not your e-bay listing, please do so... You decide how, and I'll tell you whether I'm satisfied and hence I will apologise, until that time however, I say that's you listing that book and skimming off of Vine, against the rules - we've already had one update of the Vine rules stating we can't sell things, and a further update only a month ago reminding us we can't sell these things on for a cooling period of 12 months.

Oh and I notice looking at your reviews, lots of them are for technical items, they get a one paragraph throw away review... I can't help but think you need removing from the Vine programme.

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