Friday, 23 August 2013

Carlisle Castle Custard Creme

I would be far more impressed if this were full sized, I mean, this fits on a table and there's  stack of chairs back there to compare it with... The staff of three local baking firms should hang their heads in shame!

I mean, if it were a full sized replica then I'd be impressed, as I strolled along battlements of baking... But not this, its not even sculpted, they've just stuck custard creams together, its a waste of a good biccy, and a bit of an eye sore....

I mean, they could have baked a version of this, the right shape... or made it in fruit cake and then outside layered it in icing which at least looked more real, than using cheap ass custard creams....

And people can sample a piece... "Here try this stale, over handled, oft painted, custard cream"... Yum... NOT.

"We hope people enjoy a visit to the castle".. yes me too... "as much as they will enjoy a bite from this impressive cake"... erm... NO....

Its not a cake, if a fucking jaffa cake is not allowed to be cake, then custard cremes stuck together like this are not a cake either!

I mean, what next... Jammy Dogders mascarading as Lasagne?

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